How a Compressed Air Regenerative Dryer Works

Dryers combine the latest in simplicity and innovation. Two towers attached to an anodized housing use a pilot signal to cycle the air between towers during operation. It’s like replacing the desiccant every two minutes. Get the dry air you want, without the hassles you hate, by investing in a regenerative dryer.

Ultra Series & Pure Series: What’s the Difference?

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions has two lines of regenerative air dryers: Ultra Series and Pure Series. What is the difference and which dryer is right for you?

The Most Reliable Air Filter for Diaphragm Pumps

On job sites where every minute counts, power wash operators are relying on Tsunami Compressed Air Filters to add reliability to their rigs, and bring value to their customers. “In our industry, minutes matter”, said Wash Masters Cleaning founder Mike Maharas, “Tsunami Air Filters have changed the game for air powered pumps”. In power washing & soft washing applications, having reliable equipment is essential to the business. Air operated diaphragm pumps push cleaning chemicals from a mobile truck out to a sprayer. Meanwhile, the operator is on the clock to deliver a top-notch cleaning service within a previously agreed-upon time[…]

Air Dryer & Filtration System for Spray Foam Rigs

Got foam? In recent years, Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions has grown into new markets and provided countless solutions for patrons dealing with compressed air on the job site. One market, the spray foam market, has seen a spike in sales as awareness for clean, dry air in the air supply becomes more pertinent for increasing longevity of the equipment, spraying longer, and protecting profits. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to tag along on a job site visit with one of the product managers for some application understanding and trouble shooting for a spray foam contractor. He had[…]