Tsunami Dryers: The Virtual Tour

For over 40 years, the engineers at Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions have been perfecting simple and robust compressed air drying systems. Watch the video to see our best drying solutions!

Air Filters, Dryers & Drains: Where to place them?

In a shop or facility, the distance and placement of the compressor, dryers, filters and drains are absolutely important to the performance of the air system. Pneumatic applications perform best with a consistent supply of dry, clean air. To achieve this feat, one must plumb their air system in accordance with the basic best practices of compressed air.

Regenerative Dryers vs Refrigerant Dryers

Regenerative dryers use multiple canisters of desiccant to remove water vapor from compressed air. As compressed air flows through a desiccant canister, providing dry air downstream, a separate pilot signal is sent to one or more…

Save Your Air Compressor with this Simple Product

When using a compressed air system, there is one product that is necessary for optimal performance and longevity of the system.